Wannabe Racing

Wannabe Racing has been running fast lake boats for as long as they can remember.

Here, Bobby is out playing in the family Hallett. This baby has been in the family and running hard since 1995. Buzzz is doing a little playing in his Lavey in the background.

The Wannabe Racing team is no stranger to performance. They have built quite a race team with a vicious "Do it ourselves" attitude. With in house dynamometer, welding shop, paint booth, carbon fiber fabrication facilities, they do just about everything in house..

For years, this Chevy Monza was feared in the southwestern US. Then came the Caddy.

Their carbon-fiber techniques and interest in SuperStock and Pro Stock boats led them to make their own hulls. One is currently on the water in SE trim. The other is awaiting rigging and a 499 cubic inch alcohol injected Chevy..

If you want to run with the big dogs, you have to play the big dog games. The boat needs to spend some serious time upside-down getting straightened and plotted out.

Waiting for APBA approval of the SE rules was not getting things anywhere.

So the team set the boat up as if the existing rules were to be accepted.

The strut was cut, installed and finished. The pump gas 338 cubic inch small block done and in the boat. The first time around the lake under full power the boat ran 80.6 mph on the GPS.

And with a few minutes with nothing to do, we threw on a little color.

I am not certain if we really know what we are doing, but if you would like help setting up your SE boat, give us a call and we will surely share our notes.