Try These

It is a crying shame that since I get to run this site, I get to do things like this. But here are some people that helped this class out so far, or are just great sponsors that deserve some recognition.


absolutely the least expensive place on earth for these heads, Eagle engine parts, and the like. DynoFlo will also be building crate engines for this class.

Venolia Pistons

You think custom pistons are expensive? Think again!


Bar none, the finest eyewear on planet earth. What are your eyes worth?

Centerline Wheels

Check the 'wheel deal' area for great overstock stuff and ultra cool wheels for your trailer or tow-rig.

Doug Herbert

This guy has been awesome for us. He will sell the cam and lifter kit for this class for about $130 total!!


A new company that makes amazing protective lip balm, and supports racing!

X-otic Colours

Breakoff from House of Kolor paint. Better paint than HoK, with more compatibility and much better prices.

Akerly and Childs

Aided in the rules production, and make a great ring cheaper than the other guys!

SRP Safety

Boat racing specialists. Everything from fire suits to cut pants to fresh air systems.

When SE sprint boats takes off, this page will carry the names of actual series sponsors and advertisers.