Oh, just another day out at Bartlet lake

Some freak put a blown alcohol engine in some little sliver of fiberglass!

What is wrong with these people?

The boat hauled the friggin' mail through some of the ugliest water I have seen.

The driver threw down with a few jet skis that wanted to race.

After having success as Mr. Quick on the lake, he broke a throttle linkage.

Some nice guy in a low performance family boat towed him back to his camp.

But what is this? Another freak trying for Mr. Quick in the rough stuff?

As we get a little close, we see that he has no mufflers, no wet headers.

Where is the sheriff?

Some guys on shore spotted this deal and told me that this boat has some disturbing facts.

He informed me that the boat was supercharged, but with a screw supercharger.

I have no idea what that means, but I know the guy has some screws loose!


An innocent on-looker stated that he thought the boat was pushing 600 horsepower.

Some guy in this boats camp said it would make 600 with four sparkplugs removed!!!