With speeds and costs of the superstock, pro stock, and k-boats pretty much out of control for the average boat enthusiast, the APBA opened the door for a slower and much more affordable class. The hull requirements will be the same or very similar as the other flatbottom classes, as will the safety measures. That means that the hulls will have to meet all of the specifications of the APBA rules in section 49. Minimum weights, maximum and minimum lengths and widths will also be put into place. The difference is where power plants will be concerned. Rules are currently being put into place to keep the ultra expensive tricks and parts away from the SE class. In all discussions with engine builders over the United States, a $3000 engine, put together well, should run with about any engine in the class. Swap meet and eBay parts will once again be competitive. And with the power limitations, speed will be down and safety and deck to deck racing will once again be up. With these discussions running rampid across the country, old boats are coming out of retirement, out of the side yard and out of the old barn. Once again, average incomes will be able to compete. Boat set-up and driver expertise will be the name of the game. And hull designs that have become obsolete in K-boat and SuperStock racing will once again have their day in the sun.

For a quick reference, The individuals fighting for the SE class have put together long term deals with manufacturers, suppliers, dealers and the like to get the best engine products at the very best prices. Wannabe Buzzz just put together some numbers on an SE engine. Without the block, oil pan and headers, you can get the following;

"Legal part # Holley carb, intake, Dart Platinum series heads built for this class, wiesco pistons and pins, scat 4340 crank, 4340 bushed rods, Akerly&Childs rings, blueprinted oil pump and 4130 shaft, clevite h series bearings, cam and lifters, chromemoly pushrods, aluminum roller rockers, stud girdles, valve covers, ARP bolts all the way around, racing head gaskets, all other gaskets, freeze plugs, aluminum front cover, SFI damper, timing pointer, plugs, wires, hp HEI ignition, fuel pump, fuel lines, racing double timing chain, for $3682. That is every part brand new. Many of these are exclusive deals that will only be available to SE class competitors. I know I have plenty of parts hanging around the shop to make it much cheaper. You probably do too. Or go to eBay or the swap meet to make this MUCH cheaper.

Furthermore, the way the rules are written, this engine can last for years without rebuild and still be competitive. And a piston, cam, lifters, bearings and gasket rebuild will be under $1000. If you want to do that every year, great. If not, you will not be outrun because of it."