Time to bust out the Frito's and the dragboats and head out to the valley of the sun.

The weather is going to be nice, the wind at a minimum, and the Firebird water is still the same.

Some of the coolest parts about this race is quite a few pro gas flats were out and making noise in a pro comp eliminator class.

And it was more than just a little interesting. It flat out ROCKED!

Another interesting note is that Forest Lucas fell in love with the crackerbox boats.

Last event, when the drag boats were parked from too much wind, the crackers hit the water and just tickled him to death.


Plus, I think he dug the mowhawks. (But I didn't get to ask him to make sure.)

And they can even be held on with suction cups. Guess you learn something new every day.


Pretty impressive when they had this 4,000 pound boat ride this wheelie the entire length of the track.



It was so cool to see this boat back out after all these years, that we had to post it twice.


There were three passes by the top alcohol hydros that were not faster than the MPH record coming into the weekend.

But I don't think that this was either of them.



The super stock boats put on a pretty good show for the weekend.

Seeing that there were only two boats on Friday, and three on Saturday.

In fact, I was asking Chad Crowder, the driver of the SS33 about how to drive one of these babies.

He not only sat down and showed me how, but told me to watch as he showed tricks of the trade on the water.

What a perfect teacher. He told me the very intricate details of how to properly chine a circle boat.

I don't really know that I have it down as well as he, but I am sure getting there.

Thanks for all of your help, Chad.

Even though there were minimal Super Stock boats, the kings of the circle racing world were in attendance and having a good time.

Well, Billy, there were others there too. Like Bubby, Julian, and oh yeah, BILLY B! Pat Eason was even there!

And any time that Eason is in the discussion, that represents the true kings of the sport!


Many years ago my brother and I were watching the boat races where a new class had just begun.

He leaned over and told me that he thought this new "pro mod" class could actually save the future of drag racing.

Great looking boats in ultra-close races in a nice, fast and loud class of unique boats.

They certainly have not hurt the future of the sport. That is for sure. They put on a great show.

On Friday, the Spirit of Texas went for a wild little ride. Here he is about 1000 feet past the finish line with the throttles still open.

Another pass right about the same time left a top fuel engine chugging and popping for about three minutes at the end of the island.

None of the safety boats or jet-skis were willing to get too close to it until it actually shut completely off.

Can't say that I blame them.


And there you have it.

So, what do you think about this years pictures?

Hey, who asked you?!!!